About us

About us

Focus on the technology research and development, design, production and sales of smart LED products

Our advantage

Dare to innovate and strive for progress steadily

  • img The world's first enterprise driven by low temperature isolation
  • img The world's first product that is not damaged after tripping 225 times within one minute
  • img The world's first product that is not damaged when used at a high temperature below 135℃
  • img The world's first heat conduction at a rate of two ten-thousandths second
  • img The world's first product that is not damaged in a space with a humidity of 50°
  • img The world's first warranty of 5 years and assured use of 15 years

We have always been Imitated but never surpassed,because we are always on the road to R&D and breakthrough of core technology,So we are the forerunner in the lighting industry among LED industrial and mining enterprises.Were specialized in the factory building projects, and producing ighting products for office buildings,so we understand the user requirements and the environmental characteristics better.We are only self-critical about quality, and only provide warm and considerate services.Being honest and doing things with integrity, we can lose millions of orders,but we should never lose faith with customers even once.Never forget why you started and you can accomplish your mission.